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Expert Computer Repair Services in Kelowna, BC

Our large parts inventory in retail sales helps shorten our service turnaround time at National Computer Resource. With more than 5,000 units repaired over the last 5 years, we have served more than 20% of all households in Kelowna.

Our Competitive Service Fees

Virus Removal

Operating System Installation

Data Backup/Transfer

Call us for pricing and rate information

On site service is available for $60 for 30 minutes. We also repair LCD screens for laptops!

In-House Repair Service

  • 1,000+ Repairs per Year
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Bench Service for Simple Problems
  • Express Service for Urgent Cases
  • Phone Support for Customers
  • Desktop, Laptop & Others
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal
  • Optimization & Defragmentation
  • MB, CPU, HDD, RAM, PSU Upgrade

On Site Service

  • Providing Repair Service for Seniors, Disabled or Customers Who Cannot Reach the Store
  • Providing Network Solutions, System Management

Assembly / System Configuration

  • Assembly of 600+ New Computers Each Year
  • System Configuration for 1000+ New & Refurbished Computers Each Year

Repaired Computers

  • We Fix More Than 1,000 Computers Every Year
  • 5,000+ Computers Fixed for Past 5 Years
  • Capacity of 3,000+ Computers per Year

We fixed 5,000+ units over the past 5 years and served approximately 20% of all the families in Kelowna.

Problem Analysis

  • Viruses Comprise 33% of All Problems
  • Hardware Comes 2nd With 20% Failure Rate
  • Our Large Parts Inventory in Retail Sales Helps Shorten Service Turnaround Time




  • Receive Customer Input
  • Within 24 Hour After Reception
  • Within 24 Hours After Customer Acceptance or Within 24 Hours After Reception
  • Contact Customer

Our Advantage

  • Experienced Technicians
  • Proven Repair Skills
  • Fix 1,000+ Computers a Year
  • Fixed 5,000 Computers for Past 5 Years
  • Repair Capacity of 3,000 Computers per Year
  • 48 Hours of Turnaround Time
  • Repair Service Supported By Retail Inventory
  • Competitive Price in Town
  • Easy Access Located in Centre of Kelowna
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